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Enjoy the Holidays, Feel Confident in your Smile

Summer has come and gone, and now we’re in the autumn season. This means we’re only two months away from the true beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, and Kwanzaa. And probably a few more occasions sprinkled throughout late November to early January. These holidays often come with holiday cards, … Read more


General Hygiene - Our Faster Denture Process - Changing Smiles Denture & Implant Center

We understand here at Changing Smiles that affording dental work can be a challenge, especially for our patients on a limited income. Some of our services like dental implants are deemed as purely cosmetic by many insurance companies, so they often aren’t covered and have to be paid for entirely out of pocket. Some insurances … Read more

Our Faster Denture Process

General Hygiene - Our Faster Denture Process - Changing Smiles Denture & Implant Center

Quick Turnaround Dentures in Bend, Oregon Changing Smiles in Bend, Oregon’s main focus is to change your life by transforming your smile into one that you’re proud to show off! To start, you’ll schedule a free consultation with our team. This way, we can help determine what kind of dentures would best suit you and … Read more

Quick Turnaround Dentures

The process of securing your dentures quickly after your appointment with your denturist can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you want to receive your dentures as soon as possible because you want to start putting them to use. Most dental practices have to outsource where they manufacture a patient’s dentures before they can get them … Read more

Dentures vs. Implants: Which Is the Better Option For You?

If you’re having to deal with one missing tooth or even several missing teeth, the question you may be asking yourself is: are implants or dentures the best solution for me? Our Oral Health is extremely important, so if someone is missing several teeth or even missing one tooth; it can severely impact your overall … Read more

Partial Dentures: Not Just a Cosmetic Improvement!

There’s no question that dealing with missing teeth can impact your quality of life. But what if you’re just missing one…or a few? When it comes down to it, missing even just a single tooth can negatively impact your remaining teeth and oral health. When a tooth is missing, your healthy adjacent teeth can tilt, … Read more

A Brand New Valentine’s Day Smile with Immediate Dentures

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether or not you have plans to celebrate it, it’s a reminder to all of us how important it is to feel good about ourselves. It’s been shown that confidence in our appearance gives a major boost to our self-esteem, which positively effects the rest of our … Read more

Why You May Need a Denture Reline

When you get fitted for dentures and they are comfortable and well-fitting, it’s easy to assume they’ll stay that way forever. At first it may seem like your dentures will always fit just like they did on day one, especially if you’re always properly maintaining your oral health. But, like the rest of your body, … Read more