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Our Revolutionary Cosmetic Dentures

Losing Your Natural Teeth

Your jawbone shrinks when you lose all of your natural teeth, mostly in the bottom half of your face. You may also experience some shrinkage with your gums as well.

Proper Facial Support

When you combine these two aspects with ill-fitting dentures that don’t provide the proper support your cheeks and lips require, this means your facial proportions will shift/reduce in volume.

Youthful and Rejuvenating Lift

Our Cosmetic Denture has the dual effect of restoring your smile while giving you a youthful and rejuvenating lift. During your consultation, we will assess the condition of your jawbone, and your general health to determine what denture treatment is best.

Avoid Sunken-In Face Features

The face looks older from the consequences of sunken-in features and sagging facial muscles, which broadens the face towards the bottom.

Losing Your Natural Teeth

Changing Smiles, a renowned dental practice, has transformed the lives of countless individuals through its exceptional cosmetic dentistry services. The “Before and After” section of their website showcases the remarkable results achieved by their skilled team of dental professionals, who have helped patients regain their confidence and achieve the smile of their dreams. The ADA (American Dental Association) is a prominent organization that provides essential dental and oral health resources, as well as expert searching capabilities for education and research purposes

Before and After Denture


Very Pleasant Experience.

Got in before my appointment no waiting and very prompt service. Great dentist for my dentures, a very pleasant experience. – Carol Myers (11/13/23)

Dr. Joe listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions

I’m so happy that I chose Changing Smiles for such an important step in my life. Dr. Joe listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I love the staff and how responsive they are to me when I need to talk to them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new denture. – Yolande P. (9/03/23)

Changing Smiles is Amazing!

Changing Smiles is amazing! Joe Rider and his staff are kind and the office is a beautiful, quiet setting that’s very welcoming. They work efficiently and Joe is so good at what he does!! His work is beautiful. I highly recommend Changing Smiles. – Carrie McConnell (8/24/23)


Thank you Dr. Joe and Janelle, I absolutely love my new teeth. After dentures, this is the best looking my teeth have ever been and I love the fact that I can reorder so easily in case of loss. – Yvette White (04/10/2023)


I have been dealing with these people for several years. They have always treated me well. thank you 😊 – Rick Benitez (06/14/2023)


Was recommended Changing Smiles by a co-workers. I’m very impressed how fast Changing Smiles repaired my flipper. Less than hour I had my smile back. Thank you so much. – Eleanor Ham (02/07/2023)


I’m so amazed of the life changing difference this made for me to visit Joe and their staff. I love my awesome smile, but for me it also relaxed my jaw, gave me an even bite pressure, and I have learned to chew my food differently unlocking a whole new taste of food! I have the most perfect fit I’ve ever had and never realized what I’ve been missing. It’s more than just a smile, it’s a healthy choice. Thank you all at Changing Smiles, you all rock! – Tony Thomas (01/14/2023)


I love changing smiles! Joe Rider is very knowledgeable. Willamette dental told me my lower dentures could not be relined due to bone loss, and suggested I buy snap in dentures to the tune of ten thousand dollars! Within a few weeks I had a pair of test dentures to take home for adjustments. My new dentures are very comfortable, fit like a glove, and are nice and white! I keep smiling at myself in the mirror! The receptionist is also very professional, friendly and just great! I would recommend Changing Smiles to everyone. Thanks guys! – Kevlyn Stevenson (01/14/2023)


Amazing!😁. Had my upper and finally got my lower denture.. i ate a lamb chop 4 days after with no problem… they both fit so snuggly that i only use adhesive if im going out to eat.. they are wonderful.. I proudly tell people who comment on my smile..Thank you , they are dentures. I requested two flaws in my smile to remain in my dentures…OH MY DOG.. they are identical to my permanent teeth..even the color.. I hope i sound happy and thrilled……because I am! People please go nowhere else and you too will be happy 😁 ❤️ Changing Smiles Changes Lives! 😁😁 Before & after..HAPPY SMILES TO EVERYONE – Ranae Olsen (09/14/2022)


I can’t say enough good things about changing smiles. Dr Joe is definitely an expert in what he does. I would highly recommend this to anyone. – Bill Wammock (06/21/2022)


Look no further! Changing Smiles is fabulous and different from all others! Operating from a level of highest integrity and perfectionism. VERY fair pricing for quality work. Bravo Changing Smiles, I am so glad I finally found you!! – Robin Williams (05/03/2022)


My Flipper Stefan made for me looked better then the bridge I had replace with an Implant surgery, I was so concerned to go around for many months while healing without front teeth. Dr, Row recommend Changing Smiles to make a flipper. Was told Stefan did the best Jon ever and Dr. Row was so right 👍

I would recommend going there to all my friends who need this type of dental work. Thank you Stefan, for caring about your patients needs and looks. Thank you Deb for being so helpful caring and sweet. Also I love your I believe I so cool 👍🤗😁 Australian accent. – Silvia Sauer (04/10/2022)

My Life has changed because Changing Smiles

I had my dentures made when I originally had my teeth pulled in October. I was distraught at how they looked, just like horse teeth. I was in tears, when I decided enough was enough, I needed to get new dentures. It only made sense to me to go directly to a denturist instead of going through the middleman (my dentist) so I decided to try Changing Smiles.

My life changed the minute I walked into the office. Debra and Stephan were totally amazing, loving caring people. Steve took so much time and care to have my teeth look exactly as I wanted them (The Man is a perfectionist). I feel like my smiling self again. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much for everything you did for me, You both will forever be in my heart. – Kathy W. (05/06/2015)


Last September, I went in to Changing Smiles to find out how to go about getting my smile back. As soon as I walked in the door, Stefan and Debrah made me feel so welcome. They explained every step. And what it would take. Over the months, I seen the changes that Stefan promised me. It has changed my look, but most of all changed my life. I have had so many friends and family members tell me that I look different, and that I look good. I will always be so grateful to my Changing Smiles family. 

I usually don’t recommend places to anyone. But I have recommended Changing Smiles to alot of people. And over the last 8 or 9 months they really made me feel like apart of the Changing Smiles family. I just want people to know that when you walk in to Changing Smiles they make you number one. I will definitely be popping in on them from time to time. Just to see how they are doing. Stefan you and your family will always be in my prayers. Thank you again for all that you have done for me. – Terrie H. (04/17/2015)

Thank you Changing Smiles for changing my LIFE!

After suffering with a smile I didn’t care for due to an automobile accident, I was connected with Changing Smiles here in Bend and I cannot explain the gratitude I have for Steph and Deb who are the owners of this amazing place.

They are now people I consider friends. They did not judge me, my teeth, or my story but offered me hope that a new smile was right around the corner and that they would do everything in their power to give me the smile I missed so much. That was almost a year ago and it’s amazing how much life can change when you’re truly happy.

Now my smile matches my vibrant personality. I LOVE my smile and you would never ever guess that I wear dentures. Thank you Changing Smiles for changing my LIFE! – Lola Montgomery (04/11/2015)

I Can’t Say Enough Wonderful Things!!!

I needed help with my senior mother who needed a new veneer on her front tooth. I searched everywhere to find someone/anyone who could help me get it replaced for her in a short time. You see, my mom has Alzheimer’s. And she and my dad’s 60th anniversary was coming up, so I needed this done asap.

Stephan and his wonderful wife Deborah were just amazing, in everyway. Stephan worked tirelessly to not only make a new veneer, but to arrange with another dentist to actually attach it to my mom’s tooth.


Talk about going above and beyond! And the tooth is just a beautiful work of art. Stephan is a master at what he does. Besides that, Stephan added another new tooth to my mom’s partial, one that had come off without her evening realizing it. It was truly a makeover for her!

They are both the most pleasant people I’ve ever had the honor to know in a business setting. Changing Smiles is a great name for this business. They not only gave my mom a new smile but put one on the faces of our entire family. – Angie G. (04/11/2015)

Broken Tooth on Vacation.

While on vacation in Bend, visiting family, my back molar broke, badly! I was miserable, couldn’t eat properly, and with only four days to go before I left Oregon, I just didn’t know what to do. Stefan took me in hand and made a crown for my badly damaged tooth, working till late in the evening to finish it in time. Debrah his wife and receptionist took me to his dental associate to have it fitted and she was so kind and understanding about the plight in which I found myself. They are a most professional and compassionate couple and I am so grateful for Stefan’s expertise. I can now continue my vacation in America and enjoy my food. May God bless them both for their efforts on my behalf. – Margaret (08/24/2014)

Partial Dentures, No Pain or Discomfort!

Due to my advanced years, I had 5 loose teeth in my mouth. After a visit to Stefan, impressions were made and the teeth were extracted by his associate dentist. My partial denture was fitted the same day without pain or discomfort and most importantly, it fitted perfectly. Debrah, Stefan’s wife, and receptionist make every visit a warm and friendly experience with her charming manner. Despite the fact that my visit was an emergency and I had to be fitted in, Stefan remained cheerful and professionally focused throughout. I am very grateful to Stefan and Debbie for their efficiency and expertise and wish them every success in the future. – Barry (08/24/2014)

Very Happy and Smiling

On the 9th of April, I went in for a consultation & was impressed with what Stefan told me he could do. Not only did he live up to what he said he could do, but made a set of dentures for me that fit so well that I have been able to eat anything I wanted. There have been no sore spots at all. Oh yes, he accomplished all this in only 4days. Debby & Stefan are really great people, and I always felt like they were my friends, that’s just the way they are. – James L. (06/02/2014)

2014 Smiles On Me!

For many years I struggled through life without teeth. When I finally made the decision to have dentures made, I went to Changing Smiles where I met Stefan. I found him to be a very professional and friendly man. Not knowing what to expect, I found myself very much at ease in his care. My mouth was a “blank canvas” with only one tooth left when I came to him. In as quickly as a few short weeks, from initial consultation to finish, he created a full set of perfect-fitting dentures for me from only an old photo for reference and his expertise! This has changed my life. I can smile freely again! “Facelift” is an understatement! And I can enjoy certain types of foods that were once only memories! No regrets. No looking back. – T.P. Bend Or (04/05/2014)

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