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Eating with Dentures

Can I eat normally with dentures?

When we speak with people interested in getting dentures, some of the most common concerns we encounter have to do with one of the most basic parts of life: eating food.

You may not think a lot about the act of eating, but when it’s time to consider tooth replacement options such as our cosmetic dentures or immediate dentures, it’s a natural response to worry about how they could affect the experience of your everyday life.

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Enjoying the many foods, you like is a simple yet, important part of life. The inability to do so can negatively affect your quality of life and even reduce your happiness and satisfaction.

On top of that, there are social benefits that can come with eating, such as spending time with family and friends or just enjoying the interactions that come with a visit to your favorite restaurant or cafe. Missing out on these subtle pleasures due to a lack of comfort or confidence in eating would be a shame!

The great news? Once you’re used to your life-changing new dentures from Changing Smiles, you can eat almost anything you like comfortably and confidently! Here are answers to common questions about eating with dentures.

What will it be like to eat with dentures?

Since your beautiful new Changing Smiles dentures will look and feel great, it’s tempting to start eating everything you like. However, the key here is to go slow. As you are acclimating to your new dentures, start by eating soft foods and practice chewing slowly and evenly.

For better comfort, one tip is to make sure you chew an equal amount on both sides of your mouth, which will distribute the pressure evenly. With some practice, you can ease into more of your favorite foods, cutting the meals into smaller pieces and starting with smaller portions.

For most, eating with even the most comfortable dentures will come with new sensations that will require a little time and practice to get used to. A period of acclimation is normal and necessary. Don’t be too concerned if you have trouble tasting or sensing hot and cold at first – take it slow, and be careful not to eat or drink anything that may be too hot. These experiences are normal and should fade as your body and brain find balance and become used to your new dentures.

Which foods can I eat with dentures?

With practice wearing your new dentures, you should eventually be able to eat almost anything you like. To start you may prefer to stick with liquids since things like soup and smoothies will be easiest to consume. Since soft foods are best at the beginning (while you’re getting used to wearing and using your dentures), great solid food options at first are things like mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, eggs, fish, pudding, and even meat that’s chopped into small pieces.

As you add more foods back into your diet, it’s important to make sure you get the nutrition you need, and comfortable, great-fitting dentures can assist you in staying healthy and happy by helping you enjoy plenty of healthy food options. As you practice and ease into trying more kinds of food, “harder” foods will eventually be within your comfort zone again. It’s even possible to chew gum with dentures!

As you can see, dentures from Changing Smiles can be an incredibly life-improving choice. We want to help you enjoy not just eating, but the simple everyday things in life, including smiling, speaking, and laughing. Our revolutionary cosmetic dentures can transform your smile, return your confidence, and improve your quality of life. Our Denturist, Joe Rider, looks forward to seeing you. Get in touch with us today and change your life!

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