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The Reality of Living Without Teeth or Dentures

Dentures Reline

As we lose teeth throughout our lives, it’s easy to let it pass without much thought, and assume that life with missing teeth is just the “new normal”. We might think it’s not a big deal, that having and using our teeth is such a small part of our lives that there’s no need to … Read more

Is it Safe To Wear Dentures Overnight?

Denture Patients Smiling - Partial Denture Cosmetic Improvement - Changing Smiles Denture & Implant Center

Dentures become a seamless part of your everyday life. You rely on them constantly throughout the day to chew, speak, laugh, and smile – all things that maintain your quality of life, which is an important element to overall happiness. But what happens if you wear your dentures at night? Is it safe to do … Read more

When Should I Get a Denture Reline?

old man getting dentures

A proper fit for your dentures is crucial to your everyday comfort. When you’re chewing, speaking, laughing or smiling, the fit and feel of your dentures is an important factor in your daily quality of life. But this “perfect fit” doesn’t happen automatically! To maintain a good fit, your dentures will need some kind of … Read more

Why You Should Get Dentures in 2023

Have you started thinking about what this year will look like for you, and your health? 2023 is when you’re going to change your life for the better! Even if it only includes some small acts of self-care like going out for daily walks or finally getting your dentures repaired. Sometimes it’s not within our … Read more

New Immediate Dentures for the New Year

Every January 1st, some people have some sort of New Year Resolution they have in mind that they’d like to achieve during the new year. Maybe it’s to cut out junk food, read more books, or build a better budget. Some might try and commit to a popular resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle, but … Read more

Enjoy the Holidays, Feel Confident in your Smile

Immediate Dentures with Changing Smile Dentist - Denture Gallery

Summer has come and gone, and now we’re in the autumn season. This means we’re only two months away from the true beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, and Kwanzaa. And probably a few more occasions sprinkled throughout late November to early January. These holidays often come with holiday cards, … Read more


General Hygiene - Our Faster Denture Process - Changing Smiles Denture & Implant Center

We understand here at Changing Smiles that affording dental work can be a challenge, especially for our patients on a limited income. Some of our services like dental implants are deemed as purely cosmetic by many insurance companies, so they often aren’t covered and have to be paid for entirely out of pocket. Some insurances … Read more

Are Sports Mouth Guards Right for You?

Blue Sport Mouth Guard - Changing Smiles Denture & Implant Center

If you play a sport that requires physical contact or can potentially lead to a facial injury. Then you may want to consider getting an athletic mouth guard to protect your teeth. Risk of Damaging or Knocking Out Teeth Especially while participating in your sport or activity. Some of these sports include baseball, football, lacrosse, … Read more