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New Immediate Dentures for the New Year

Every January 1st, some people have some sort of New Year Resolution they have in mind that they’d like to achieve during the new year. Maybe it’s to cut out junk food, read more books, or build a better budget. Some might try and commit to a popular resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle, but it’s not as black and white as it sounds.

Completely Change Your Lifestyle

Usually, when you think of a healthier lifestyle, you want to exercise more and cut out junk food from your diet. However, what about adding a better variety of foods to your diet? Or, going out more to social gatherings and having fun? If you have been experiencing mouth pain or tooth loss that has affected your diet and your self-confidence, then getting a set of dentures would completely change your lifestyle for the better and allow you to lead a healthier life. So, why not make getting dentures your 2023 New Year’s Resolution?

Different Kinds of Dentures

There are different kinds of dentures for different situations. Some of the options we offer include Immediate Dentures, Partial Dentures, and Implant-Retained/Implant-Supported Dentures. At Changing Smiles, we offer free consultations so we can go over every option and find the best choice for you. So don’t worry, we can guide you to a healthier smile and lifestyle if that’s what you’re looking for.

When you’re missing teeth or experiencing pain from existing teeth, it affects the way you live your life more than you probably think. It can limit your diet or even make it difficult to eat without pain, leading to your body not getting the nourishment it needs. In return, you become more tired, weak, and unhappy.

You will probably find that you have become more unhappy with how your smile looks, so you might avoid social situations as a result. If you don’t, you’ll cover your mouth when you laugh, smile, eat, or talk. You won’t want to smile in holiday pictures with your family and friends, and you’ll feel embarrassed when you do show your smile.

Smile Carefree this Year

You shouldn’t have to live a life where you’re embarrassed to act normally, you should be able to smile carefree, not worried about how it looks. You also shouldn’t have to limit your diet and become weaker and more tired as a result, because eating is too difficult or painful. You deserve the ability to eat without pain.

If you’re thinking about what new year’s resolutions you want to add to your list, we encourage you to consider adding “living a healthier lifestyle” to it.

It’s a great goal to have for 2023, and here at Changing Smiles, we can help you achieve it. Let’s change your smile and change your life in 2023!

At Changing Smiles, we offer free consultations for anyone considering dental implants.

We’ll perform an oral exam to make sure you’re a candidate for implants and give you a detailed treatment plan. If you’re interested, then don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your appointment.