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Sport Mouth Guards

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out in sporting activities each year. While this number is staggering, the American Dental Association estimates that more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented every year thanks to the use of PlaySafe® sports mouth guards. PlaySafe is the most prescribed mouth guard in the U.S., Europe and Australia. An impression of your mouth is taken & the mouth guard is customized to fit your mouth ensuring maximum protection. Statistics show that when worn properly, a protective mouthpiece decreases the risk of oral injury by 99 percent. While many sporting good stores sell mouth guards, these versions are not as effective as the PlaySafe sports mouthpiece offered by your denturist

Night Guards

If you or someone you know experiences severe tooth, jaw or facial muscle pain, it may be from the effects of grinding or clenching your teeth. The good news is Changing Smiles can provide a solution. We prescribe a custom-made (Hard/Soft) Bite Splint, which offsets the pain caused by bruxing or grinding your teeth. A night guard is a proactive step to protect your existing healthy teeth. A clear, thin removable device, your custom-made bite splint is worn over your lower or upper teeth as you sleep. Studies suggest those who grind and clench their teeth may experience up to 80 times the normal tooth wear per day compared to those who do not. The good news is that a simple bite splint can offset the effects of this often-subconscious habit while protecting your teeth from daily wear and tear.