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Eat What you Want This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here at last! Are you ready for all those holiday gatherings with your family and friends, with countless smiling pictures and endless plates of food? When it comes to figuring out which foods you can and cannot eat at your friend’s or family’s dinner table this holiday season, if this is your first-time facing pain while eating, you may have already begun planning. Let us help give you a few tips if you have not.

Easier on Teeth and Gums

A general rule to follow when your chewing capability is limited is that the softer the food, the better it is on your teeth and gums. These include macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, cooked sweet potatoes, roasted or steamed vegetables, pasta, soups, casseroles, and tender meats. You can have pumpkin pie, pudding, and ice cream for desserts. The less biting and chewing you have to do, the less difficulty you’ll have while eating.

Dental Implants

Let’s be honest, it’s a pain having to navigate and figure out your menu of foods that you can eat in comfort instead of just grabbing whatever looks good at the holiday buffet table. Dental Implants would be a great holiday gift to give yourself if you’ve been searching for a solution.

Dental Implants have a bite comparable to your natural teeth and don’t have the menu restrictions that dentures have. It’s the closest thing there is to replacing your natural teeth and smile.

Dental Care and Upkeep

Just to give a quick rundown of the process, we would extract unhealthy teeth that are causing you pain. We would proceed to implant a few of our small titanium rods that act as your natural tooth root. After your implant surgery is complete, we allow your implants to heal into your jawbone so that we can attach your dental crowns or overdentures. Then when they’re fully healed, we attach your restorations and you can enjoy your beautifully restored smile.

Dental Implant care and upkeep are easy. It’s easy to brush and floss your new teeth just like your natural teeth! You will still visit us a few times a year to ensure the implants are holding up well, but implants will often last for the rest of your lifetime. Once they have been put in and fully healed, feel free to eat anything and everything you want at your next holiday gathering. No pain, no limitations.

At Changing Smiles, we offer free consultations for anyone considering dental implants.

We’ll perform an oral exam to make sure you’re a candidate for implants and give you a detailed treatment plan. If you’re interested, then don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your appointment.