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When Should I Get a Denture Reline?

A proper fit for your dentures is crucial to your everyday comfort. When you’re chewing, speaking, laughing or smiling, the fit and feel of your dentures is an important factor in your daily quality of life. But this “perfect fit” doesn’t happen automatically! To maintain a good fit, your dentures will need some kind of maintenance over time. One of the most important ways to maintain the function and comfort of your dentures is with a denture reline. 
But how do you know when it’s time to reline your dentures?

Let’s start with a quick overview. There are two main kinds of denture reline services: hard relines and soft relines. We work with you to determine which type is best for your smile, and whichever service is right for you, Changing Smiles can provide the solution!

Hard Denture Relines

A hard reline creates a new hard base for your dentures, improving their overall stability and fit. This is accomplished by removing some of the plastic from the inside of your denture, taking a new impression to map the contours of your mouth, and fabricating the new base. This new base ensures that the structure of your dentures matches more perfectly to the inside of your mouth.

Dentures Reline

Soft Denture Relines

Soft relines are focused more on the comfort aspect of your dentures, and are used to help alleviate sore spots and tenderness of the gums. As in the hard reline process, impressions are taken of your mouth. These impressions are used to create a new pliable, soft base for your dentures, effectively creating a “cushion” for your dentures. This can result in a much more comfortable experience while wearing your dentures.

In addition to hard and soft relines, sometimes it is necessary to receive what’s called a temporary, or therapeutic, denture reline. This is typically needed when you’re waiting for a hard reline to be completed, or when you are receiving new dentures (to replace ill-fitting or old dentures that cause soreness or swelling) and need your gums to be able to heal up and settle comfortably. If you do need a temporary denture reline, we can accomplish that right here in our Changing Smiles office.

Lady Wearing Digital Dentures

For good preventive denture maintenance (and to preserve your quality of life), it’s recommended that you have your dentures relined about every two years. This can ensure that you retain a high level of confidence while wearing your dentures, without having to worry about potential discomfort. In some cases (such as with some soft relines), you may need a reline service every year or so.

Each of us is different, so besides this two-year recommendation, you can monitor the fit and feel of your dentures to determine how soon you may need a denture reline. Your gums, and even your jaw, can go through changes over time, due to factors such as general aging, bone loss, weight gain or loss, and even the amount of time you’ve spent wearing dentures. This means that your dentures will need adjustment over time. As with anything else in your body, staying aware and proactive concerning the maintenance aspect of your smile will help you avoid discomfort and difficulty, and live a healthier life.

Denture relines can help keep you happy with your smile for years to come. You can enjoy more comfortable dentures now – call Changing Smiles today to get started!

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