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Enjoy the Holidays, Feel Confident in your Smile

Summer has come and gone, and now we’re in the autumn season. This means we’re only two months away from the true beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, and Kwanzaa. And probably a few more occasions sprinkled throughout late November to early January. These holidays often come with holiday cards, family gatherings, and a lot of pictures.

Oh, and also a lot of great food. If you’ve been putting off a tooth replacement solution like dental implants, there’s still time to prepare for the holidays by getting the perfect smile to enjoy this year’s holiday season.

Dental Implants or Implant Retained Dentures are a great permanent tooth replacement option for those seeking an alternative to typical dentures. The only drawback to implants is that they’re time-consuming to get, as there’s a lengthy healing process involved. However, if you start the process now then you should be able to have a beautiful and functional smile right in time for all those friends and family gatherings.

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You might be wondering why implants take so long to heal, what does that process look like?

Firstly, you schedule a free consultation with our Changing Smiles team to see if you’re a candidate for implants. Once we clarify you’re a prime patient for implants, we’ll schedule a procedure at a future date to place the implants. After your implants are surgically placed into your jawbone, they will have to heal gradually (which can take a few weeks or months) and bond to the bone to be able to support a crown or denture arches. During this healing process, you are able to have temporary dentures and be on a soft food diet, and this is also when your denturist is finalizing your prosthetics.

When your implants have finally healed, we will uncover the implants and attach your prosthetics to them using abutments. Most patients note that they don’t experience any lack of normalcy during this process.

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Let us tell you why implants have more benefits than dentures when you’re thinking about the holiday season, and the one big advantage is the improved taste you’ll experience with less of a denture base. Your bite with implants is also comparable to your natural bite, meaning you can eat and enjoy all that holiday food with ease. A close second advantage is a stable and secure fit you’ll have with your implants/implant retained dentures.

You don’t have to mess with denture adhesive or your dentures slipping when you talk or eat, your implants won’t budge. It’ll be just like living with your natural teeth in terms of look, feel, and taking care of them.

So, if you want a new smile that allows you to enjoy your holidays with your friends and family to the fullest, dental implants are a great option. If you want a secure smile with a less denture base that will allow you to speak with ease and fully enjoy your holiday dishes, then dental implants are your solution. Fall has barely started, so there’s still time to get the process started before the holiday season arrives.

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