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Quick Turnaround Dentures

The process of securing your dentures quickly after your appointment with your denturist can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you want to receive your dentures as soon as possible because you want to start putting them to use.

Most dental practices have to outsource where they manufacture a patient’s dentures before they can get them back to their patient. Quick turnaround dentures are what sets us apart from other practices. We make sure our patients’ needs are met.

Same Day Denture Repair

At Changing Smiles, our office prides itself on being able to not only make sure a patient’s dental health is at the best standard. Although, we want to make sure our patients can receive their dentures as quickly as possible if they need them repaired.

We know that once our patients walk out of our office. Then they go out into the world, they put their dentures to good use. If a patient comes in with their dentures needing attention. We want to make sure they can start using them again the same day. Whether it’s a fractured tooth, missing teeth, or an overall denture repair.

Our goal is to have your dentures repaired on the same day that you bring them in. If possible, have them repaired in the same hour that you’ve brought in your damaged dentures. And because we are the ones doing the repairs and not outsourcing your repairs. We can make sure you have the best turnaround time to start wearing your dentures again.  

Immediate Dentures

We also offer Immediate Dentures for those who don’t want to wait for their dentures after having a tooth or several teeth extracted. Our denturists will work with your dentist to make sure that as soon as your unhealthy teeth have been extracted, you can have an immediate denture or partial denture inserted so that you can start feeling confident with your teeth and your smile.  

Securing dentures with a quick turnaround time is something that Changing Smiles strives for. Changing smiles wants to provide for all of our patients at every stage in their denture journey.

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Free Consultation

By scheduling a free consultation with Changing Smiles, our team can determine what dentures may be best for you or what kind of repairs any damaged dentures may need. It is never advised to try and repair any dentures yourself, so consulting a denturist at Changing Smiles is the best solution. Our team at Changing Smiles is eager to provide the best in-house repairs with the best turnaround time so you can start wearing your dentures immediately.

At Changing Smiles, we offer free consultations for anyone considering dental implants.

We’ll perform an oral exam to make sure you’re a candidate for implants and give you a detailed treatment plan. If you’re interested, then don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your appointment.