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Our Faster Denture Process

Quick Turnaround Dentures in Bend, Oregon

Changing Smiles in Bend, Oregon’s main focus is to change your life by transforming your smile into one that you’re proud to show off! To start, you’ll schedule a free consultation with our team. This way, we can help determine what kind of dentures would best suit you and your smile. Changing Smiles offers a variety of options to help replace missing teeth and side effects that cause tooth loss. One of the most popular services that we are especially proud of, is our Quick Turnaround Dentures.

Process of Quick Turnaround Dentures

One thing we don’t want for our patients is to spend any more time than necessary feeling self-conscious about their smiles, so we’ve created a way to get you the confidence you deserve, immediately. Before we extract your natural teeth, we will take an impression of your mouth. So that we can start working on a complete or partial denture that will be ready for wear on the day of your tooth extraction appointment. A huge bonus we do all work in-house. Leading to less time in fabrication. As soon as all of your unhealthy teeth are removed, we can fit your dentures on the same day.

Quicker Than Traditional Dentures

With typical dentures, the process can vary from 6 weeks to several months to get your dentures. Many times, the denture-making process doesn’t begin until your mouth has fully healed from tooth extractions if they were necessary. It also often requires more appointments to make sure your gums are healing properly over a couple of months span. With our Quick Turnaround Dentures, you won’t have to go any time waiting for your new smile while your mouth fully heals. We understand that losing even a single tooth can be an upsetting experience and a huge hit to your self-esteem. After a few months, your gums and tissue should fully heal. During this process, your gums will change shape, so depending on your individual needs, we will create a new denture or a denture relines in-house so your dentures fit properly with less time in fabrication.

Quick Turnaround Dentures and Denture Relines

Even once your mouth has fully healed, the shape of your bone structure in your mouth and gums will continue to change naturally over time. In time, you may find that your dentures don’t fit the same way as they did when you first received them. With a denture reline, we can adapt the way your dentures fit so that they continue to offer you the best fit, feel, and functionality. A hard denture reline will improve your fit and stability, and you can get same-day service! If your newly ill-fitting dentures cause you tender gums and sore spots, a soft denture reline can make your dentures more comfortable to wear. If you get a soft reline, it will have to be replaced every one to two years due to the soft material.

Benefits of Quick Turnaround Dentures

If you’re still wondering why Quick Turnaround dentures are revolutionary in comparison to traditional dentures, it’s because our system makes it possible to create the most accurate set of dentures for you. The process is quicker, so fewer office visits and the production time for your dentures to be completed is also shorter. It’s possible to have your new smile in as little as two office visits. One of the best benefits of the system we use for our Quick Turnaround dentures is how your custom smile is saved for you. No new impressions are necessary if your dentures break or get lost, repeatability is easy.

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Call us today at Changing Smiles for your free consultation! You shouldn’t have to live with one or several missing teeth and have it affect the way you carry yourself and how you interact with others in your day-to-day life. Why should you? When you can enjoy new confidence to make the most of every day.