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Why You May Need a Denture Reline

When you get fitted for dentures and they are comfortable and well-fitting, it’s easy to assume they’ll stay that way forever. At first it may seem like your dentures will always fit just like they did on day one, especially if you’re always properly maintaining your oral health. But, like the rest of your body, the characteristics of your mouth can become different over time, as the shape of your gums and the bone structure in your mouth will naturally change.

Because of this shifting, the fit of your dentures also changes over time, making them less comfortable and reducing your quality of life. Ill-fitting dentures can cause irritation, tenderness in your gums, and even sores in your mouth. Living with dentures that no longer fit well can affect your ability to chew properly, and speaking can become a challenge, leading to slurring, lisping and other speech difficulties.

Denture Reline

The good news is, you may not need a full new set of dentures to smile, eat and speak properly again! At Changing Smiles, we offer various options for Denture Relines, a service that can rejuvenate your dentures to make them work and feel as good as they used to. Whether you need a “soft” or “hard” reline, we update the fit of your dentures, adapting them to fit the current shape of your mouth. We even offer temporary or therapeutic relines when needed to make the entire process more comfortable.

Call Changing Smiles today and discover how much better your dentures can feel!